MIRA is a high performance organization and gains more eminence each year through the quality of products it supplies. As a manufacturer of steel valve components, engineering and pump castings, "Made in MIRA" symbol has become homologous to quality products delivered on-time with professional service and support forming the framework for long term commitment and relationship with customers.

MIRA is an exporter and domestic supplier of steel castings. It is one of the few foundries in the country and the region known to make, since starting production significant exports to EU and North America, two of the largest valve markets in the world.

Domestically, MIRA is known to be the preferred supplier of steel castings and fully machined valve components to manufacturers who are among the fastest growing valve companies in the world.

MIRA sends castings by air and sea to USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK, and U.A.E. MIRA has good customer base in the export market it serves. That number continues to grow as more customers are referred by existing ones, which is noteworthy and good validation for MIRA.