MIRA exports to many customers in USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, France, Spain and U.A.E. Domestically, MIRA supplies to some of the fastest growing valve companies in the world and large public sector entities. MIRA is the preferred supplier by its customers. MIRA has consistently received overall high ratings from customers for the quality of its product delivery and customer service it provides.

The world market for industrial valves is large. Valve companies, importers and stockists prefer to buy from Indian manufacturers who are already supplying similar products to their countries. They want the Indian manufacturer to be aware of the quality of product that is required for their markets and expect good knowledge of international standards and procedures.

MIRA is regularly exporting to valve manufacturers, importers and stockists in EU and North America. MIRA clearly understands what it takes to export. In terms of product quality, customer commitment, responsibilities it should assume, level of customer service and support that is expected. MIRA takes pride in its products and the customers world wide to whom it supplies.