Melting: Induction furnaces with capacities of 2.5 Ton, 1 Ton and 300 kg. Maximum single piece casting unit weight is 1600 kg.

Moulding: Hand moulding, Co2, sodium silicate, airset process.

Quality Lab: Spectrometer 29 elements, 4 bases with low nitrogen measuring capability. Fully equipped with all instruments for measuring mechanical properties, computer controlled for automatic capture of measurements. Radiography Testing x-ray films viewing and inspection. All lab equipments are regularly calibrated and kept in full compliance.

Heat Treatment: Electric and Diesel Furnaces with 4 Ton and 3 Ton capacities.

Shot Blasting: multiple machines with capability to shot blast single piece casting in weight up to 2 Tons.

Power Generators: multiple power generators include 500 KVA, 250 KVA and 150 KVA. Ability to operate the entire plant with generated power.

Computing Systems Infrastructure: MIRA has excellent computing and networking infrastructure. Engineers, production people, Accounts, Office staff and employees have all the necessary facilities to work efficiently in a professional setting and environment. MIRA has dedicated high speed broadband internet connectivity that allows it to work seamlessly with customers all over the world in many different time zones.